There is a first time for everything. First times are always exciting and unforgettable. First love for most youngsters, first kiss from the girlfriend/ boyfriend, first touch of a baby to the mother, first meet of our soul mate when the zing happens; and for us bloggers first blog post.

This is my first post in Thanks for taking your time to see my post and welcome to Matters Next. Gimme a virtual Hi-Five!!

A Quick Intro

Am a content writer and a content marketer by profession. Have been writing contents and helping businesses get traffics for almost 2 years by now. A few months back joined with a team of WordPress developers, as a team we produce premium WordPress themes and WordPress support services.

If you came across VictorThemes and WP Team Support you might have the chances to come across my contents.

What’s Matters Next

There is only one thing for a man that he never gets bored about. It always keeps you busy, entertained, makes you feel like a hero, sometimes makes you feel like a whole loser. But, once you’ve stepped inside this you’ll never go back. You might have guessed it already by now, isn’t it?

The answer is BUSINESS.

Being in a small team that deals business with highly competitive industry we always face many crises economically and technically. Am the first mate in my team and you know the drill. It’s always my job to see what matters next to our team, our company and for our customers.

I believe in sharing a lot. Am going to share my thoughts about what matters next in marketing, finance, and tech that relates to businesses.

All these years I have been helping small businesses and still, I love to help them. Because as a developing professional I myself can learn a lot from them and also share my knowledge. In a small business, the credit of the victory which we fetch goes to the whole team. The feel is something like, how Ethan Hunt feels at the end of the Mission Impossible.


Again thanks for your time. I try to post once in a week, mostly you can expect on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Being in front of new audience am just curious to know; _______ matters next to you??? Let me know in the comment section.

Posted by:Girish Karthik

Very much passionate about creating content that entertains readers. Write about latest marketing trends and new technologies. Chiseling my writing and myself every day. Tweet me using the handle @geogirish

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