2018 MacBook Pro Has Arrived and Ready To Buy


Just a few days before I asked you guys to wait if you are about to buy a new MacBook Pro. Today Apple has officially released the updated 2018 MacBook Pro and the best news is it is available from today through Apple website and selected retail stores. As of now only the MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch have been updated. Let’s see what the new MacBook is offering.

Finally 32GB RAM

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The 15-inch model now has six core, eighth generation i7 and i9 Intel processors. As most content creators, especially video editors are waiting for a more powerful machine. Finally in the 15-inch edition now you get up to 32GB DDR4 memory. The processor now runs at 2.9 GHz and turbo boosted up to 4.8 GHz. The 15-inch model gets a separate 4GB Radeon Pro video memory as a standard in all the variants of the 15-inch model. 13-inch model on the other has hand Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics 655 with 128MB of eDRAM.

Fully Specced Up MacBook Costs $6,699

The pricing of the base model remains the same 15-inch model is the same $2,399 and the 13-inch model is $1,799. Now you can add up to 4TB SSD storage in the 15-inch model and 2TB SSD in the 13-inch model. If you are about to buy a fully specced-out 15-inch model with 32GB RAM and 4TB storage, it will cost you $6,699.

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Apple has also released a leather sleeve for both the 13-inch model and the 15-inch model along with the update.

Both The Screens Has True Tone Display

The 2018 MacBook pro model has a true tone display in the touch bar as well. If you are not a big fan of making your beautiful screen yellowish based on the room lighting, am sorry we have to live with it. Many leaks suggest that the touch bar will see its end in this iteration, but Apple is so stubborn to its innovation. For me, I expected a slight resolution update in the touch bar this year, but hey it doesn’t happen. We still have the Touch ID in the touch bar, so no Windows Hello like facial recognition feature this year, maybe next year. Talking about touch iD, Apple has added its own T2 chips in both the models.

What About the Keyboard?

I knew most of you readers will be waiting to know about the keyboard. The 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard still has the “Butterfly Keyboard”, Apple named it as the third generation. One thing for sure is the keyboard is quieter now. Still not sure about the sticky keys issues or whether the third generation keys will be able to survive the crumbs and dust. But Apple clearly mentioned that the third generation is not designed to solve those issues.


Luckily 2018 MacBook Pro is also under the four-year replacement warranty given by Apple, so we are safe with that, at least. Will give the new keyboard a try and let you guys know in the future, please subscribe to stay updated.

No Updates For Other Macs

Only the MacBook Pro models are updated now. Not sure when the other Mac lineup will get the updates. Most students and budget users expected a new entry-level model or at least a spec update on the affordable MacBook Air and Mac mini. Just yesterday the famous Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the entire Mac lineup will get updated this year along with the iPhone release. Today the Apple has released the new MacBook Pro lineup.

Should You Upgrade?

If you need a powerful portable device with 32GB RAM, then ya this is the best option from Apple for this year. If you already feel the 16GB or 8GB variant more than sufficient for your use, then this machine not worth the upgrade. As still, it is not clear that the third generation MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards are able to survive the dust and crumbs, putting thousands of dollars on this device again is not a good idea. Based on several leaks and other news I believe mac lineup will get a bigger update in 2019. As most of you guys know that the new Mac Pro device is planned for 2019. What do you think about the new 2018 MacBook Pro? let me know in the comment section below and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks for reading.

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