2019 iPad Air 3 – Worth The Upgrade


It is been almost five years since the launch of the iPad Air 2, Apple has definitely given some serious update to the iPad Air 3. Design-wise there isn’t much change but you get a more powerful device this time. Obviously, the iPad Air 3 doesn’t have fancy USB-C port, magnetic pencil connector like in the iPad Pro. It stands right in between the original iPad and the new iPad Pro. If you are wondering whether you should upgrade from your older iPad Air 2 or about to buy your first iPad, this post will help you.

Display Is The Biggest Improvement


The obvious thing that you will note as soon you pick the iPad Air 3 is the display. By shrinking the bezels, Apple has given us a 10.5-inch display in the same form factor of iPad Air 2. For the reference, the older iPad Air 2 had a 9.7-inch display. It might sound that the screen size improvement is small, but it will improve your productivity a lot. Especially if you are a creative artist and use creative Apps like Affinity and Photoshop on your iPads, this extra real estate will come in handy. The iPad Air 3 display now supports TrueTone, you can turn it off if you don’t like.

Another biggest advantage with the iPad Air 3 is the wide color support. Meaning, you can see details clearly on the iPad Air 3 than on the iPad Air 2. I don’t have an iPad Air 2, but Jeff Benjamin from 9to5Mac has clearly shown the display quality in this video take a look at it here.

It Supports Apple Pencil


Another biggest improvement in the iPad Air 3 is it supports first generation Apple Pencil. Ya, it is quite a bummer that is doesn’t support the second generation Apple Pencil. But Apple needs to reserve a few things to highlight the new iPad Pro. If you are an artist, you will love the new Apple Pencil support on iPad Air 3, it works smoothly just like in the 2017 iPad Pro. If you are a beginner, the new iPad Air 3 is a good gadget to start your digital art skills.

Powerful Machine

The new iPad Air 3 comes with 3GB RAM to make multi-tasking easier. The same A12 Bionic chip used in the latest iPhone XS powers the iPad Air 3, so you get the same level of graphics performance. These RAM and the GPU performance will help creative apps like Photoshop and Affinity to run smoother.


Another Pro feature you get in the iPad Air 3 is the smart keyboard support. If you are someone who has to write on the go just like me, this smart keyboard feature will help you a lot.

Bit Disappointment With The Camera


If you are someone who likes to take photos and videos on iPads, am sorry iPad Air 3 will disappoint you. The iPad Air 3 uses the same 8MP rear camera that you used in the iPad Air 2. But, Apple has improved the front camera from 1.2MP camera to 7MP camera in the iPad Air 3. The advantage of this non-protruding small rear camera is your iPad Air 3 will stay flat on the table and you can draw on the screen easily.

Should You Buy One?

The answer depends on the purpose or for whom you are buying the iPad Air 3. If you are using the iPad Air 2, the Air 3 will be a big improvement in both the performance and the display quality. If you like to give a lovely present to your loved ones who love drawing and taking steps to their graphic design career, this iPad Air 3 will be a good choice. For professionals, iPad Air 3 won’t meet your demands but you can do simple tasks. Hope you fellas found this article useful, subscribe to stay updated. See ya!!

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