You Shouldn’t Skip The Apple Watch Series 4


Most of you already heard of the mission impossible theme intro of Tim Cook at the September Event 2018. In the video the lady uses Airpod to ask Siri for direction, I expect to see a new Airpod this time. But, am sorry folks there is no new Airpods or AirPower. Instead, Apple gave us something extraordinary, Apple Watch Series 4. In this post, we are going to see the initial impressions of Apple watch 4.

All New Design

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a 30% larger screen when compared to the previous version. Though the screen is bigger, Apple has made the series 4 watches thinner. The bands you purchased for the Serie 3 can still be used in this watch as well.

Source: Apple

The crown now supports haptic feedback, which feels great when you navigate around applications.

The series 4 watches come in space grey, gold, and white. The gold watch looks a bit flashy, the gold color is not the same as you see in the iPhone Xs and Xs max. Review of the new 2018 iPhones are on the way, so make sure you subscribe.

The speakers on the Watch Series 4 is louder than the previous generations. To make your call quality better, the microphones are moved to the opposite side.

Source: Apple

To make use of the new big watch screen, Apple has introduced new dynamic watch faces. The dynamic watch faces act uniquely according to the screen size.

First of its kind

Apple watch is one of the most used smart wearables in the world. No other smartwatch is as versatile as the Apple Watch. With all these customer data and insights, Apple has made the Watch Series 4 incredible.

Source: Apple

Now with the Apple Watch Series 4, you can take ECG (Electrocardiogram) on the go. All you have to do is to open the app and place your finger on the crown for 30 seconds. Your heart rate is measured by the electrical heart sensors in the watch and is send to the S4 chip for the processing. Having a regular heart result will help your doctors to treat you better. The best part is you can export the result as a PDF or in other formats from your iPhone Health application.

Apple watch Series 4 is the first device that allows the user to take ECG by themselves and it has got the FDA approval. The animation effect on the watch face for the ECG processing is beautiful, I love it.

The Apple watch continuously tracks your heartbeat and let you know when you have an abnormal heartbeat and slow heartbeat.

Improved S4 Processor

For processing data like ECG, the chip inside the Watch series 4 must be faster. The S4 processor in the watch is two times faster than the previous generation watches. The S4 processor now has 64-bit dual-core architecture, the end result is you get better performance and better battery life. Apple claims that the Watch Series 4 will also continue to give you the same 18-hour life as you have seen in the previous version.

Fall Detection

Source: Apple

Another best feature of the Watch series 4 is the fall detection. Apple has studied various motions, the direction we fall and lot more data to intelligently identify when you fall. If you are immobile for a minute after the fall, the watch will make a call to the emergency number.

So do you need to upgrade? If you really in need of advanced health support related to heart, you can go for the series 4. If you use smartwatch only for fitness activity and you own a Series 3, you can think twice before buying this. For new smartwatch users in the market and if you are in Apple ecosystem, Apple Watch Series 4 is the go to option. Microsoft event for surface devices is also been anounced, subscribe to get more update like the Surface Go review post.

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