Apple Watch Series 5 – Just Trying To Be A Better Watch


Apple Watch Series 4 had lots of new features and better improvements. While the Apple Watch Series 5 is a try to make it an even better watch. In the Series 4 we got bigger screens, ECG, fall detection, and plenty of other useful features. In Apple Watch Series 5, there are only minor upgrades like better S5 processor, new casings, and a Compass. If you already own an Apple Watch, is it worth the upgrade? That’s what we are going to see in this post.

New Always On Display

One of the biggest improvements on the Apple Watch Series 5 is the display. Till the Series4, we have to raise the wrist to see the time, which might seem a little bit awkward in certain scenarios. But with the Series 5, we get a natural watch experience.

always on display technology illustration

To make this always-on display, Apple has used a Low Temperature Poly-Silicon and Oxide display or simply LTPO. What this display actually do is let the screen dynamically refresh from as high as 60hz to as low as 1hz. With the help of new display drivers, power management circuits, and ambient light sensors, the screen will adjust the brightness and also allows you to get the same 18hrs of battery life (that’s what Apple claims).

Apple Watch Series 4 had outperformed the battery life claimed by Apple. But the Apple Watch Series 5 battery life is slightly less than the Series 4, this might be because of Always on Display option. You can still turn off the always-on display feature in your settings to improve the battery life.

When the screen brightness is dimmed you can still see the watch hands and complications. Some analog watch faces didn’t work great when the screen is dimmed, I don’t know why, but I keep you guys posted when I knew it.

The always-on display only works on the watch faces and built-in apps like workout apps. For third-party apps, a generic time is shown when it is dimmed.

New Built-in Compass

compass app in apple watch

Now you can find the true north with your Apple watch. This feature will be very helpful for mountaineers, cyclist, and whoever uses a watch for their navigation. Just like on your iPhone, now you can see on which direction you are facing. You can even use the compass as one of the complications on your watch face. With the new compass app, you can also see the latitude, longitude, elevation, and incline information.

WatchOS 6

WatchOS 6 has made the Apple watch series 5 even better. Apart from new watch faces, some important features are;

App Store – Apple watches now get a dedicated App Store. But still, you need your iPhone to set up the App Store on your Watch.

app store on apple watch
Source: Apple

Smarter Siri – Now Siri can identify the song playing with the help of Shazam app. All you have to do is ask Siri “what song is this?”. Now Siri can search and show results from the internet and you can see web pages on your watch itself. Might handy when you are away from your computer or mobile.

apple watch identifying song
Source: Apple

Women Health – From watchOS6, Apple is introducing built-in Cycle Tracker for women. It is a good thing for women to have their health data right on their wrist, hope there will be more improvements to this app in the future.

cycle tracking app for women
Source: Apple

Noise App – Noise app is designed for your hearing health. On your Apple Watch, you can see the noise level of the environment you are. When the sound decibels goes beyond a limit, it warns you.

International SOS – If you are planning to buy the cellular version and doesn’t mind the extra money you have to spend for your carrier, this feature will be very useful, especially for travelers.

international SOS emergency service

Worth the Upgrade?

What makes the Apple Watch successful is it keep on getting better in each iteration, but should you buy this one? If you already own an Apple Watch Series 4 watch, you can simply skip this iteration. Apart from the always-on screen, there isn’t any new hardware feature. The watchOS5 software features will be available to all Apple Watch versions except for the very first one.

Apple Watch Series 5 Price

If you decided to buy the Apple watch series 5, here comes the pricing. Based on the case material you choose, the pricing changes, the GPS version starts from $399 and the cellular version starts from $499.

Apple watch series 5 pricing based on the case material is as follows;

Aluminum Starts from $399
Steel starts from $699
Titanium starts from $799
Ceramic starts from $1299

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