What You Can Expect In Apple WWDC 2018

Apple WWDC 2018 has been announced and many tech reviewers are already sharing their thoughts. We all know APPLE always give us some hint in its WWDC posters. This year’s poster is intriguing for both general audience and developers. Here is what my guesses are for WWDC 2018 after following several news related to APPLE.

Bridging Mac OS And iOS

The unified platform is the goal for all the tech giants. Currently, Windows is the only platform which says it has a unified platform, but they still don’t clearly explain what is a unified platform in their dictionary. Apple, on the other hand, is taking serious measure to make one OS for all the devices. This is really an ambitious goal and which can’t be done in overnight.

WWDC 2018 will be the foundation for this goal. From here APPLE will gradually bridge the gap between the Mac OS and the iOS. Developers will no longer have to create two versions of an application for the APPLE ecosystem. New standards and tools will be announced at this conference.

AR and VR Apps

Augmentation reality and the Virtual reality are the next most big interface change we are going to see in our apps. Recently you might have read that IKEA has introduced an AR app to help the people virtually try and buy the furniture. The Same way Amazon is developing an AR application.


Likewise, Virtual Reality is slowly emerging in the gaming industry. Users can enjoy a fully immersed game with the Virtual Reality technology. Even the present iMac’s are designed to perform effortlessly for the AR and VR app development. If you take a close look at the WWDC 2018 poster animation, we can guess that it hints about AR and VR.

UI Changes

If you have read my why it is better to wait for next iPhone, you have seen the Jony Ive statement on the iOS user interface.

What I think is remarkable about the iPhone X is that its functionality is so determined by software. And because of the fluid nature of software, this product is going to change and evolve. In 12 months

Jonathan Ive

Since he has returned to product design team, we can see more impressive and useful updates in the iOS 12. Though the sources are saying that APPLE is saving the best for the 2019 iPhone version, we can see the glimpses of the awesome interface in the WWDC 2018.

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Siri Needs Serious Update

Back in 2014, SIRI is the center of attraction of selling the iPhone. Being an early player in the voice assistance still, APPLE is not able to compete with the new players like Alexa. Even in the HomePod review, you can see SIRI has only limited control. Google assistant is doing an awesome job, no matter how your English is Google has English versions for all the geographical locations and it is widening.


Since APPLE has acquired many smart appliance brands, we can expect a complete revamp of the SIRI architecture. So that it can handle the present-day user demand and can make use of the internet in a better way.

New Mac and Glimpses of Mac Pro

Last year in the WWDC 2017 APPLE introduced an updated iMac and also showed the beasty pro user machine, iMac Pro. This year experts suggest that Apple will be introducing a new Mac lineup, most of them prefer this to be a replacement for MacBook Air. Apple is slowly increasing its lineup. Device for all kinds of user and also for people with different budgets. So this new Mac lineup could be a budget friendly machine.

image source macworld.co.uk

You might have seen many iMac Pro reviews now, you can see all the tech reviewers are eagerly waiting for the modular upgradable Mac Pro machine. Just like the iMac Pro in the last year, this year also we can expect to see a Mac Pro machine.

New iPads

After the iOS 11 update, the way people use their iPad has changed. For casual users, it would be a better replacement for a laptop, but it still misses some core features, both with physical accessories and software. In the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2018, we can expect more updates on the iPads. Sources suggest that you can see new iPads with new sizes, iPhone X like notch design and facial recognition feature.

Of course More Authentic Leaks


The best part what I like with the WWDC is the leaks you will get after the event. If you ever look back in the past year, more authentic leaks will come after the WWDC only. The developers will sneak through every possible loop to find what’s new. As they open more new gates we get more authentic leaks. For example, the touch bars in the MacBook Pro, before the launch itself the developer had given us a sneak peek of the new feature. Even Apple use this as a strategy to keep people buzzed about their products until it is launched in the fourth quarter of the year.

What do you expect from the Apple WWDC 2018? Let me know in the comment section below. And yes! Please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already. See ya!

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