Fitbit Inspire HR The Best Affordable Fitness Tracker


The Fitbit Inspire HR is the best affordable fitness tracking device right now in the market. Inspire HR has all the features of Charge 3 in a miniature form. To be honest there isn’t much difference between Charge 3 and the Inspire HR. If you are looking for an affordable fitness tracking device with all premium features, Fitbit Inspire HR is the best option. But if you are in an oscillation between Charge 3 and Inspire HR, continue reading the post and you will get a better idea.

Go For Fit Inspire HR Not Inspire

Fit offers two devices one is a standard Inspire without a heart rate monitor and the Inspire HR with a heart rate monitor. The price difference between the two of them is roughly $30. For better tracking and to know more about your workouts, it is better to go for Inspire HR.


If you are using fitness tracker to track your casual walks and occasional biking around the city, Inspire would do. But for serious activities and workouts, go for Inspire HR. the Inspire HR costs $99.95 and the Inspire costs $69.95

Useful Perks At Affordable Pricing

Though the Inspire HR is $50 less than the Charge3 you get the useful perks like waterproof, smart tracking, and guided breath apps. You don’t need to worry whether you will get the old tap display in the Inspire HR. Fitbit has given us the same tap and swipe display in Charge 3, the only difference is you get a greyscale display in Inspire HR. Now you can understand, why I said that there isn’t much difference between Charge 3 and the Inspire HR.

Source : Fitbit

Once you paired the Inspire HR with your smartphone, you can see notifications of compatible applications on your tracker. Since the screen size is very small you can barely see anything on this tracker, but still, you have the option and you can use it.

Design And Battery

Design-wise I love the Inspire HR’s, it is more rounded and hugs your wrist better than the Charge 3. Because of the sleek design, you won’t feel like wearing a tracker when you workout and sleep. Since the Inspire HR size is a little bit smaller than the Charge 3, you get a smaller battery. On regular usage, the Inspire HR will last for around 4-5 days.

There Are Small Problems

The display on Inspire HR doesn’t turn on properly when you flip your wrist to see the display. Some times the display will wakeup but switches off immediately, so you have to tap the screen to see the details. This might be an issue but it is not a deal breaker.


Another annoying thing in Inspire HR is the band. On Charge 3, the bands are easy to remove and connect. The pin mechanism on the Inspire HR is a bit tricky, especially if you are in a hurry the band will annoy you.

Inspire HR VS Charge 3

We have seen lots of similarities between Inspire HR and Charge 3, now let’s see what you get in Charge 3 for the extra $50.


You get Fitbit Pay in Charge3, I don’t know how many of them are using it, but you have it on Charge 3. A bigger battery which will last longer than the Inspire HR (approx 7 days). A bigger display with a little bit of colors. Seeing notifications and fitness activity results on Charge 3 will be easier than on the Inspire HR. Another small feature you will be missing on the Inspire HR is the number of floors climbed.

If you need a bigger display, Fitbit Pay, and a bigger battery, go for Charge 3. Otherwise, the Inspire HR is the best fitness tracker and you get almost all the important features for $100 itself. If you do lots of running outside and looking for better wireless headphones, check our Powerbeats Pro initial impressions; it is not yet available, but it’s worth the wait.

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