Top Dope Features Announced In The Google Pixel 3 event


Ok, all the rumors are over and the new pixel devices are in flesh now. There are several talks about Pixel 3 notch, it is ugly, it’s weird, and even some thought there might be a Pixel ultra with no notch. Fellas, the high-quality leaks are real and the ugly notch exists. Google has introduced a whole lot of other products along with the Pixel 3, each has its own unique features and that’s what we are going to see in this post.

Pixel Family

Google has talked a lot about its software and intelligence services than the hardware. Convincingly at the beginning of the event itself, they clearly state that modern devices are no longer about hardware alone; it is going to be a combination of AI+Software+Hardware.

In the October 9 Google event you get new;

  • Pixel Slate
  • Google home hub, and
  • Google Pixel 3

One more clear thing from the event is Google pushing its Youtube subscription plans to the pixel owners. You get Youtube music free for 6 months and Youtube Tv for 3 months, based on the device you choose. Review for all these devices are on the way, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated.

Titan Chip

Titan Chip is almost similar to the T2-chip in the latest Apple devices. The Titan chip helps your Android devices to secure your private data locally on your device. This chip is integrated into both the Pixel 3 & 3 XL phones and in the Pixel slate. After all the privacy issue problems, Google is finally taking hardware level measure to protect user data. We have to wait and see how it works on the real world scenario.

Call Screen

Source: Google

The one thing we talked a lot from the Google IO 2018 event was the Duplex. AI can now talk with humans more naturally. The Duplex feature is now integrated into the Pixel devices. But, Google has shown something more than Duplex, the Call Screen option.

The Call Screen is almost similar to the Duplex, it attends the call for you. But all the conversations on the phone will be lively transcribed as text on the screen. If you find the call is not that important you can simply cut the call.

One thing to be noted in the Call Screen feature is, it clearly says that it is a voice assistant speaking. After the Duplex demo, there was a crisis of not letting the people know that they are talking to an assistant. Later Google promised that the people will be notified that they are speaking to a digital assistant, Google has kept its promise.

Top Shot

Source: Google

Top Shot is one of my favorite camera feature in the Pixel 3 devices. We always miss a best shot, but the Google Pixel 3 takes continuous shots of the subject and lets you to easily slide between varies snaps and save the one that suits better.


Playground is almost an AR feature, in which you will get a virtual character on the camera and will respond based on your movement. Bringing a character is easy, but making them respond to our movement is pretty dope. The sad part about this feature is it is available only for Pixel users and the best part is, it is available for older Pixel phone owners.

Source: Google

Dedicated Processor For Image Processing

The Pixel devices are known for taking breathtaking photographs. The best part is the Google makes the images better through software image processing. This time Google has added a dedicated image processing chip “Pixel visual core” for faster image processing. With this processing power, you get an even better HDR+ image and adjusting background blur after taking photo.

Personalized Google Experience

Google Home devices now not only supports multiple users but also gives personalized recommendations and answers based on the user profile. Google’s speech recognization has grown far than any other Artificial Intelligence can do.

True Tone On Google Home Hub

Source: Google

Google Home Hub finally gives a visual result to your search. Google smart hub display has an Ambient EQ technology, which automatically adjusts the color and brightness based on the environment. Sounds similar to the true tone display feature.

The Google Home Hub doesn’t have a camera so you can place it in your room without hesitation. But, a small drawback when compared to the Echo Show is you can’t have a video call with your friends.

Live Stats Of your Smart Devices

Source: Google

In a smart home, you have to log in to several apps to control the appliances. To help you keep track of all your devices, now you can simply swipe down the smart bar in the Google Home Hub to see their active status. Google calls this feature as Google Home view. Google has extended this feature in its Google Home application as well so you can use it from other non-pixel devices as well.

New Chrome OS UI

Source: Google

Pixel slate is something similar to the Microsoft surface pro and Samsung Tab S4. The Chrome OS is now redesigned to support split screen and also has a dock to show applications. In the app launch page, you have app suggestions at the top just like in the Android P update.

Pixel 3 Is A Mini Google Home Hub

Along with the Pixel 3 now you get a Pixel Stand, a wireless charger. When you put your Pixel 3 on the stand, it turns into a mini home hub. You can see live album just like in the Home Hub screen saver. Can control smart home appliances, especially the NEST devices. For example, if someone is at the door, you can see and answer them through the Nest device from your mobile itself.

Hardware business is no longer a hobby project for Google. They are very serious about their product quality and design aesthetics. Last year, the screen of the Pixel 2 devices had some issues, but the screen in the Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate are truly amazing.

Each of these devices has tons of new features. I will be covering them in separate posts, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated. See ya!

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