HP Spectre Folio Is A Near Perfect Laptop For Professional And Business People


HP Spectre folio is an artistic device and the HP team has really reinvented the 2 in 1 convertible PC segment. There is something more about this laptop than the leather finish. Of course, the leather finish gives a good look and a great feel. Yet, this one is a near perfect device, not a device without a flaw and that’s what we are going to see in this post.

Smart Design

Source : HP

In the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go devices the hinge at the back of the screen is a good idea, but it is not applicable in all scenarios. For example, the Surface hinge design works better when you place it on a table, conversely, when you are using it on your lap, it’s not that comfortable.

In the HP Spectre Folio, the flex point is placed at the center of the screen. Apart from the main hinge you also get two hinges at the back, which helps you flip the screen to any desired angles. The main support frame is a magnetic one, by giving a little pressure you can move the screen to the angles you want. So there is no detaching and attaching mess.

Ergonomic Is Great

Source : HP

The original leather used in the Spectre Folio gives a good feel when you hold it and also when you rest your palm on it. Another major advantage of the leather is the durability. Since it is a convertible laptop, people will flip and adjust the screen several times a day. The leather material can actually handle this without getting cracked or torn at the hinges. Will the look of the leather remains the same on our day to day activity? That is something we have to wait and see. Though the leather is great and feels good, you actually can’t see the device underneath it. I don’t know how the service and repair can be done in this leather folio. I will let you know once I know it, subscribe to stay updated.

Beautiful Cramped Screen

Source : HP

The screen quality of the Spectre is great. In fact, you get Full HD and 4K version in this lineup. Colors look natural, the brightness level is good, but the screen looks too small with those big chins. In the 16:9 ratio, lots of vertical space is sacrificed. If you are moving from DELL XPS, MacBooks, or Surface devices, you will be very disappointed with the screen. The big chins at the bottom give room for LTE slots, antennas, and other such things. You can’t actually get rid of the chin without rearranging the internal components. Hence, small bezels are something which we can see only in the next iteration.

Decent Performance But Great Battery Life

Source : HP

HP Spectre Folio is a fanless device. To give an optimal performance without draining the battery, the HP has used Intel Y processor. The default dual-core processor is best for productivity tasks but not for high performance and graphics intense job. The touch screen and the pen support will make your productivity lot easier. In the $1300 you get an i5 processor and 8GB RAM, which is decent enough. Another $1800 version has an i7 processor and 16GB RAM, which is the one I personally recommend for all users. Both the models will easily pass a working day with a full charge.

LTE is A Welcome Addition

In the $1800 version, you also get the gigabit speed LTE version. On the back of the screen, at the edge of the hinge, you have the space for adding the SIM. If you find the slot to be difficult to access, you can use the eSIM support. Other I/Os you get in this laptop is three USB-C port, in which two of them are Thunderbolt-3 port. Since it is a Thunderbolt-3 port you can add external GPUS and Harddisks.

Better Buy An External Mouse

Source : HP

If you are planning to use the HP Spectre Folio as your daily laptop, then please buy a mouse. Everything about this laptop is great for the price. Even the trackpad given is a glass trackpad, but the driver is horrible. I have been using the Synaptic driver in HP laptops for more than five years now, believe me, it will annoy you a lot, especially on the latest websites with modern designs. One thing I don’t understand is HP uses Windows’s Precision driver on Elite series, then why are they not using it on the latest laptops in other series.

After the Surface Keyboard, this leather folio laptop is the one which gives a good palm rest. But there is only a small area to rest your palm. If you are moving from MacBooks, the trackpad and the less palm rest area will definitely annoy you.

HP Leather Spectre Folio Is To Whom?

If you are already an HP user, this will be a typical device with a better ergonomic and feel. Don’t get fooled by the touch and Pen input promos shown. Fanless design with low powered dual-core Intel-Y chip makes this laptop not a good option for creative professionals. If you are a business person, who have to travel a lot and have to manage the work on the go, this laptop is a good option.

HP has almost nailed it, only a few flaws here and there, which can be fixed in the next update. If the next iteration has a 1. better trackpad, 2. a better design to attach the pen, something like in the new iPad Pro & Surface devices and 3. A screen with less chin, definitely all users can buy it. If these points really matter to you, then you can wait for the next iteration or simply find another laptop.

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