What’s So Special About Huawei P20 & P20 Pro


Huawei P20 was first launched at Paris on March 27 and the company is slowly planning launch events in other countries. Even as you reading now on April 6th there is a Huawei launch event in Singapore. After its first release, this phone really hit many headlines for its several features, but what is really so special about Huawei P20 and its advanced version P20 pro? That’s what we are going to find in this post.


As like most of the 2018 android phones, the Huawei P20, and P20 pro both embraced the notch design and just like the Asus they were proud that its notch is smaller than the Apple iPhone X. Seriously, everyone out there knows the reason for the iPhone X notch but many Android manufacturers are still boasting on their smaller notches in the launch events and you will hear it more and more hereafter (Oneplus 6 launch is around the corner).


Apart from the notch you still have a fingerprint sensor in the usual place with its swipe gestures. On the back, you might see some glimpses of HTC U11 design. By now you might have seen many tech tubers praising the twilight color. Yes, the color is awesome, color shift from blue to purple looks great. The best part is the color shift is even extended to the metal band by a tint coating to match the color shift, which looks awesome. But the sad part is the twilight color is only available in the P20 pro version.

Huawei P20 & P20 Pro Camera(S)

Both Huawei P20 and P20 pro have a 24MP front camera. Where the real difference comes is in with the rear camera. In the P20 you have the same arrangement as you get in the Mate 10 version with a 12MP RGB primary sensor and 20MP secondary monochrome sensor.

source huawei.com

The Huawei P20 pro has really marked a new trend by introducing three camera systems. The main camera is a 40MP RGB sensor (you might be remembering Nokia now) with 1.8 aperture, the secondary is a 20MP monochrome sensor with 1.6 aperture, and the third lens is dedicated for telephotos which have an 8MP sensor with f/2.4 aperture.

So aperture wise the P20 pro ranges from f/1.6 to f/2.4 to give you a better result in both bright environment and low light photographs. Samsung S9 achieves this aperture range by introducing a variable aperture system.

AI Assisted Photographs

Huawei has used its HiAI engine to help you take photographs as you shoot. Which sounds pretty dope, but its actually not. As of now the AI identifies nineteen images and adjusted the camera settings automatically.


Huawei said that it sat with different professional photographers like food photographers, animal photographers, and landscape photographers to know which settings they prefer the most to take an amazing shot. Huawei has put this information into the HiAI to let the camera automatically adjust the settings based on the subject. It actually works most of the time, but when you have different subjects in the frame, the normal photographs look amazing than the Ai Assisted photographs.

Even though the lens supports optical image stabilization, to give you better stability Huawei gives you AI stability options. Which is quite useful when you take long exposure shots, but that too for a short period of time.

P20 Pro Not Only Has Lenses


The Huawei P20 pro camera system not only have an array of 68MP lenses it also has laser and temperature sensors. The laser sensor has both transmitter and emitter system to help you get better autofocus. The temperature sensors are used to give you better white balance in the image.

There are tons of settings in the Huawei P20 pro camera to help you take a pro shot. All these sensors and wide apertures helps you take better low light images. Initial impressions, the images are great, but have to wait and see its performance with the Pixel 2. Another best feature is now it takes super slow motion videos at 960 fps in 720P, just like the Samsung galaxy S9 series.

Faster Face ID but Not Safe

Another feature Huawei boast by comparing P20 and P20 pro with iPhone X is its face unlock feature. Yes, the face unlock of Huawei P20 is faster, since it does not need to make any complicated algorithm to find if it is really you like the iPhone X do.

This feature is none other than a common face unlock application you see in the Playstore. Even the OnePlus released its own face unlock features to the 5 series, after the hype of Apple’s FaceID. In short, face unlock feature in Android Phones are not that great like the Apple.

Huawei P20 & P20 Pro PriceVerdict

If you liked the Huawei’s previous generation phones then this one will really blow your mind out. When the iteration moves from 10 to the 20 you might expect some serious upgrades. In that case, the Huawei has done really a great job. Especially the camera it will impress you, the AI is till in its beginning stage and Huawei assured its AI assistance will improve in its next updates and you can see it in several more applications. If you are curious about the Huawei P20 pro Dxomark here is the result.

source huawei.com

As the phone was first launched in the Paris, the official price tag are in Euro now. The Huawei P20 s priced at EUR649 and P20 Pro at EUR899. If you are wondering whether to upgrade from earlier P10 or Mate10, definitely it is an worthy update if you move to the P20 pro version. To get more tech news that really matters to your inbox directly, please subscribe if you haven’t already.

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