Just Wait If You Are About To Buy New Mac Especially MacBook Pro


If you are the one who watched the entire Apple WWDC 18 event and disappointed with zero hardware announcement, there is a good news for you. New MacBook is spotted again in the radar, which means 2018 line up is not dead. Just wait a couple more months if you are about to buy a new mac.

MacBooks are supposed to be the top of the line machine, when comes to productivity and technology. But, I can hardly recommend a MacBook pro in 2018. There are plenty of technical reasons for not recommending it for pro users and the most common reason is the Butterfly Keyboard. Ok let us keep the old story appart and see what the next MacBook pro 2018 is going to offer us.

Geekbench Results

The 2018 MacBook pro was first spotted few days before the WWDC 18 event. The machine had a 32Gb RAM, which most of the pro users been waiting for a long time. Another best part is it is a hexa core processor, content creators will love this. From the specs, it is clear that this machine is going to be the top tier one. You can see the full Geekbench result here.

Source: Geekbench

At the beginning of this month, another MacBook machine spotted in the radar. This one has a 16GB RAM and a quad core processor, it would be the 13 inch lineup. Users who has been waiting for power and portability, this machine could be their best choice.You can see the full Geekbench result here.

Source: Geekbench

You Can Expect Face Unlock

After using the Windows Hello on DELL XPS, man I want this feature on the MacBooks. On my iPhone X, I can trust the face unlock to work 8 in 10 times, but after recent update it is getting better. As we are close to the 2018 iPhone launch, I bet the Face ID would have met its second generation with better performance and this might be used in the Mac lineup. Face ID may be the one of the reason why Apple didn’t announce new Macs in the WWDC 18 event. I said one of the reason, the other main reason is what we going to see next.

Aw(e)ful Keyboard

Inorder to make the MacBook thinner Apple have to make the keyboards shallower. The end result is fantabulous, none of us liked it. Especially if you are one of the person like me, who spends hours in typing, you know how miserable the keyboard is. The second generation butterfly keyboards are good, but still its not great.


After several lawsuit Apple finally accepted the failure and offers four years of extended warranty to replace the keyboards from the date of your purchase. Apple might be working on the new keyboard design which can handle crumbs and dust better than its predecessor.

There Might Be A Bump In Entry Level Storage

As of now the entry level storage for MacBook machines are 256GB SSD. MacOS and the inbuilt apps alone will take nearly 30GB. This may be an issue for some of the users, who stores lot of files on the local device. Clearly Apple is pushing to the iCloud here, but still they could give a reasonable memory space.

Entry level models are really important in many countries. As built to order options are not available in all countries. Either we have to go for the comparatively cheaper one or the top tier one. As we now all know that 13 inch model gets 16GB RAM, we can rest assure with the performance side and for the storage side, we have to keep our fingers crossed.

Couple Of Months Is Not a Big Deal

At present Windows PC’s like DELL XPS, HP spectre, Huawei Matebook X pro and a lot have better specs than the Apple’s PRO lineup, unlike if you are into Apple ecosystem, I can hardly recommend a Apple machine in 2018. But after this update, my advice is please wait for a couple more months so that you can get the best Mac. As September is nearing by a little bit patience will give you a worthy machine. Will keep you people informed when I come across next updates. Please subscribe, if you haven’t already. See ya!!

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