Let’s Peek Into The MacBook Pro 2018 Internals


Apple recently updated its MacBook pro touch bar versions. Physically there is no change in the 2018 MacBook Pro, but there are several huge spec bumps. The most notable ones are quad-core processors in the 13-inch version, hexa core in the 15-inch version, 32GB RAM in the top 15-inch model and a “QUIETER” keyboard. When compared to the previous model, yes, the keyboards are a bit softer when you press and have low pitches when you type faster.

iFixit already shared that the keyboards now have a thin membrane. They have shared a complete post on the MacBook Pro-2018 teardown, here are the few interesting points that we must know as a user.

Bigger Batteries

Image Source : iFixit

We already know that the 2018 MacBook Pro’s have bigger batteries in order to give enough power for the upgraded processors and RAMs. The first thing we note as soon as we get into the inner shell is a six-cell battery with 58.0 Wh capacity. In the previous version, we have only five cell battery with 49.2 Wh capacity. No matter how big the battery is because of the bigger RAMs and fast processors you will get the same battery life as in the previous MacBook models.

Speakers Also Improved

Image Source : iFixit

Compared to the previous version, the 2018 MacBook Pro speakers are considerably crisper and louder. The speakers at the right and left ends are made longer and narrower so that it fits well in the given space without leaving any gap. As a result, you get a better sound quality.

Key-Caps Are Easy To Remove

Experts at iFixit shares that the third generation Keyboard key-caps are easy to pop-out without damaging the clips. We already know that the butterfly keyboards in the previous versions are very difficult to repair, which leads to the complete replacement of the entire unit. After several issues and lawsuit problems, Apple finally gives four-year free keyboard replacement program for your MacBooks from the date of your purchase and this applies to the 2018 MacBook Pro as well.

Image Source : iFixit

Seems like the third generation keyboards have several subtle improvements than Apple actually shares. As said before there is a new thin membrane below the keycaps for minimizing the noise. This design is almost similar to the 2016 ingress-proof patent of Apple to avoid specks of dust entering the system. Here is the line actually mentioned in the patent.

A keyboard includes a base; a web that defines apertures; keys movably coupled to the base within the apertures; and a gasket coupled to the keys…operable to block passage of contaminants into the apertures.


Still not sure if the same design is applied in the third generation butterfly keyboard and also not sure whether these keyboards can really withstand to crumbs and dust. Will share with you people as soon as I knew, please subscribe to stay updated.

T2 Chip

There are lots of buzz at the beginning of the year that Apple is going to make its own processor and ditch intel. It is not an easy job as it sounds, because Steve Jobs during the earlier time of MacBooks have moved to Intel processor from their own processors due to several reasons. After creating processors for iPhones and iPads Apple has learned a lot about processors and I believe slowly the functions of Apple Chips in the Mac lineup will increase.

Image Source : iFixit

As of now the T2 chips that you have seen in the iMac pro does the same security and encryption jobs in the 2018 MacBook Pro as well.

That’s it for this post, hope you people enjoyed. There are several interesting leaks and news about the Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S10 devices, will share with you people in the upcoming posts, please subscribe to stay updated. See Ya!!

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