Google Pixel 3 Will Not Only Look Like iPhone X But Also Feel Like iPhone X

It’s no doubt that no one can make a best interface like Apple. With the knowledge of Pixar and Next companies, Steve jobs reimagined the user interface. Especially the iPhone is the Apple engineers playground. With the iPhone X, Apple made a big sacrifice by removing a button. Apple has introduced several gestures to make user interface lot more simpler.

From general users to big tech reviewers liked the Apple’s new gesture interface. From the earlier Android P developer preview itself, we saw a notch and 3D touch like interface. And an accidental post revealed more about Pixel 3 new interface.

New Navigation Bar

In Android developers blog a recent post about Android P’s network security improvement revealed a new screenshot.


The small pill-shaped bar at the bottom is a new thing in Android interface, this bar reminds the Apple bar in the iPhone X. There is an obvious reason for this new interface design, as the phones are becoming taller, all the essential options are moving to the bottom. Even in the Pixel 2 XL, the Google search bar is moved to the bottom for the same reason.

With this update, we can be pretty much sure that the new Pixel 3 will not only resemble the iPhone X notch design but also its interface. The Android P is already planned to use the HEIF media format, which Apple is already using in its iOS and macOS.

Let’s Wait and See

At the end of February, there are several rumors with Android P, Google is planning a complete overhaul in design. As Google i/o 2018 is coming nearby we may get more interesting updates about the new Android P, the whole new design, and its features. I feel like Android is slowly becoming Apple in every aspect, we have to wait and see for the complete picture. I’ll share with you fellas as I learn, subscribe if you haven’t already.

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