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Bonjour, Hola, Guten tag, Bună ziua…

If you are wondering, I just said Hello in four different languages. We feel more comfortable and natural with our mother tongue, right? This is what a customer also feels when they see a website or an online store in their language. 

In fact, 76% of users prefer to read product information in their native languages. That’s why big eCommerce stores are concentrating more and more on delivering the product information in the user’s native language. 

Not only eCommerce stores, even the search giant Google is trying very hard to provide the search engine results in the user’s local language and also to solve local intent searches as more than 50% of all queries on Google are in languages other than English. 

What the above stats help us understand is making our website multilingual increases not only user satisfaction but also increases website traffic. If you are skeptical, I have a few examples in the next section to back up my point. Let’s dive in…

Posted by:Girish Karthik

Very much passionate about creating content that entertains readers. Write about latest marketing trends and new technologies. Chiseling my writing and myself every day. Tweet me using the handle @geogirish

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