Powerbeats Pro Is A Fitness Version Of Airpods


If you are one of the few people feeling that the AirPods are not fitting perfectly in your ears, the Powerbeats Pro will be a good choice. The AirPods simply hangs on your ears, for most people it does work perfectly, but for fitness activity, this design doesn’t work as expected. The lack of water and sweat resistance feature makes many pro athletes hesitate using AirPods during workouts. All these flaws are fixed and Apple has given us the new Powerbeats Pro.

Why It is Special For Apple Users?

One of the biggest advantages of AirPods is easy pairing option. In the Powerbeats Pro, you get the same H1 chip used in the recent AirPods2. Because of this chip, you get the hands-free “Hey-Siri” support in this one and the headphones pair quickly with your device. So if you are an Apple user, you get the same AirPods features in the Powerbeats Pro as well.

You Get Reliable Buttons


Since the original AirPods are designed towards true wireless future, you have to rely on Siri for basic tasks like volume up and down. If you are a runner, you will definitely know how annoying Siri is when you are breathing heavily and giving commands to it.

In Powerbeats Pro, there are dedicated buttons for volume up & volume down and a button to answer calls. Yes, in the AirPods 2 you have the tapping option to skip, pause/play the songs, but buttons are more reliable in a workout.

Impressive Battery Life


Apple has used the same battery technology that you have seen in AirPods 2. The Powerbeats Pro gives you an impressive 9 hours of listening time and the best part is the charging case. Many have tried the same charging case design, but none of them came near AirPods when it comes to portability. For example, the Bose SoundSport Free and even the Samsung Galaxybuds (released along with S10) case is a bit bigger than the AirPods case.

Compares to the Bose SoundSport Free and Galaxybuds cases, the Powerbeats Pro’s case is more portable.

How It Will Be For Android Users?


Everything works perfectly in the Android devices as well. The only thing you won’t get in Android is the hand-free option to call your digital assistant. You have to press the “b” button to activate your digital assistant. Other than that you still get all the other features including smart play/pause option when you put the earbuds on and take them off.

Sorry, It Doesn’t Charge Wirelessly


If you are one who hates cable and wants wireless charging option, this might be a little bummer for you. You have to charge the case via the lightning cable, just like all other Apple accessories. Even in AirPods 2, we get only a 5w compatible wireless charging case. Instead of using the wireless charging, it is better to go for the traditional charging method.

There Are Color Options


One of the biggest things we want to see in the AirPods2 is the matte black option. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give us one in the AirPods2, but we get that in the Powerbeats Pro. you get four color options in this one, ivory, black, moss, and navy.

Availability And Pricing

The Powerbeats pro will be available from the month of May (yeah, it sucks to wait). The pricing listed on the Beats site is $249.95, you can subscribe on their site to get notified when it is released. Or you can subscribe to our site and see the complete review before buying one. Still, am not clear about the sound quality, will share with you guys in the full review. See ya!!

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