Razer Phone 2 – They Kept Their Originality And That Makes The Difference

Razer phone 2 is one of the most anticipated phones among the gamers. Razer was the first gaming smartphone and the Asus ROG was the second one, anyway, Razer was the best. People at Razer kept the original design and they didn’t do stupid notch adopting trend. This year, except Samsung, HTC and Sony (Still they are making phones) every manufactures have copied the notch losing their originality, even Google Pixel 3 XL has a notch now. Between these copycat trend, Razer kept their originality and made a second generation phone great not only for gamers but also for normal users.

Kept The Last Year’s Great Features

Razer phone was the first one to introduce a 120HZ screen in the smartphone segment. Buttery smooth screen gives the best smooth android experience in any smartphone, you don’t get this even with the Pixel devices. Dave Lee in his video clearly shows the smoothness of the screen in the slow motion, take a look at it to understand, check it here.

Source : Dave Lee

The phone has the same boxy design, which is great when you are gaming in the landscape mode. It rocks the same 8GB RAM to give you enough gaming power, Snapdragon 845 and 4000mAH to give you all day charge. 64GB internal memory may not be enough for you still have the 1TB expandable memory option. It runs on Android 8.1 now, Pie update is expected sometime next year.

Basic spec wise everything remains the same from the last year, the only difference is now it uses the vapor-chamber cooling system to manage the thermal issue. Pricing gets a $100 bump when compared to the last year, the Razer Phone 2 costs $800 this time. The complete Razer phone 2 specs is given below;

Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 (2.80 GHz) with Adreno 630 GPU, Vapor Chamber Cooling
Storage 64GB internal. Expandable upto 1TB
Display 5.72-inch IGZO LCD 1440 x 2560 with 120Hz refresh rate
Dual Rear Camera Wide: f/1.75 lens with 12MP and OIS
Telephoto: f/2.6 lens with 12MP
Front Camera 8MP
Battery 4000 mAH with wireless charging option
Price $799.99

Cool New Features

Razer not only kept their cool features from the last year but also improved lots of its features and even rectified some of its flaws in the previous model.

Glass Back


The obvious first thing you will notice is the new glass back design. With the glass back design, you also have the wireless charging option. Razer also introduced its own Razer Chroma Wireless charger, which costs $100.

Chroma Logo

Source: Razer

Another most favorite thing that you might have heard by now is the new RGB logo at the back, just like in the Asus ROG phone. Razer gives you the complete control over this RGB log, you can customize the color for the notifications if you don’t like you can switch it off.

IP67 Water Resistance


Razer Phone 2 is water resistant now and the best part is, they managed to make the speaker grill also water resistant. When HTC moved to water resistant they need to move the front-facing speakers down, which affects the Boom sound quality. Razer has done an amazing job by keeping the front facing speakers in their water-resistant design. In the previous model, the speakers distort at the peak volume, but now, the sound quality has improved a lot.

Brighter Screen


One of the greatest flaw last year Razer phone users faced was the dull screen. The current screen is 50% brighter than last years screen. It is still LCD screen, so the colors are still not that great as you see in the OLED screen, this might be a little tradeoff for the 120Hz screen. Asus ROG has used the OLED screen, but it has only 90Hz refresh rate and the color tuning of the screen was horrible. The Razer phone display is a lot better when compared to the Asus ROG.

Should You Buy One?

Except the audio jack this gaming phone has everything, you need in a day to day driver. Still, it is not a cheap phone, it is $800. Last year’s camera was not that great, but Razer 2 now has the Sony lens and promises better image quality. Camera is the one thing you have to wait and see, before buying one. Overall the Razer 2 is the go-to option for all gamers and heavy media consumers because it has the best speakers and beefier 4000mAh battery.

The vapor-chamber cooling system will manage thermal better than the previous model. Combined with the cooling system you also have new Snapdragon 840 chipset, which gives an optimized performance, so you will get a good battery life with this device. Only one color is available in two finishes with this device, glossy black Mirror, and matte black finish Satin. Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate reviews are on the way, subscribe to stay updated. See ya!

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