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Earlier Samsung earphones were not able to keep up with the competition. Whether you listen to music or pick up a call, there is always a touch of artificial elements in them. With the Galaxy buds pro, Samsung has tried a lot, and it is far more better than its previous buds plus and galaxy buds live.


The Galaxy buds pro design is a combination of Galaxy buds live and Galaxy Buds Plus. Except, the Buds earpiece now rests on the bottom of your ears instead of holding the top portion of the ear like in the Buds live. As a result, you get a more comfortable fit while listening for long hours.

Samsung said that some people felt a little uncomfortable with the Buds Plus ear tip design, so they made the Buds Pro ear tip a little shorter. This design might make some people feel that ear tip dosen’t fit properly as they would expect and might feel little annoying to hear outside world sound even when the ANC is on. Again, this issue differs from person to person, so try the buds pro first before you buy it.


galaxy buds pro color options
Image Source : Samsung


The charging case of the Buds Pro is similar to that of the Live. You get USB C support and a wireless charging option in this as well. The Buds Pro is available in three colors, and the naming is almost similar to that of the Samsung S21 ultra — Phantom black, silver, and Violet.

What’s Pro

Samsung has given three main features to these buds in order to give them the pro badging,

  • Active Noise Cancelation
  • Intelligent Voice detection feature and
  • 360-degree audio

ANC and Music Quality

After using Microsoft Surface headphone’s adjustable ANC knobs, I don’t feel any device came close to that accuracy, but Apple Airpods Pro is the best when it comes to Active Noise Cancelling in earbuds. Samsung says that the Buds Pro must be able to block 99% of the outside noise.

If the buds-pro fits in your ear properly and leaves no gap, you will experience better noise canceling,, which applies to the music hearing experience.

Samsung has included an equalizer option in the Buds Pro app. You can either choose a pre-defined audio profile as per your requirement.

Pro tip – if the buds don’t fit in your ears properly and you want to enjoy the music, you can try the Bass Boost settings.

Music quality is really better when compared to Buds Plus and Buds Live. Thanks to the two-way speaker system inside the buds with 6.5mm tweeter and 11mm woofer.

galaxy buds pro two-way speaker setup
Image Source : Samsung

Buds Plus owners will quickly notice the better sound quality on the Buds Pro the minute they turn on the music. But, if you’ve already used earbuds from Sennheiser or Bose, you will not be impressed by the Samsung Buds Pro. For me personally, the Sennheiser Momentum 2 is the go-to option when I want to hear music. In a nutshell, normal users will find the Buds Pro more than enough, and the music lovers will be left wanting more from the buds.

Intelligent Voice Detection Feature

When you speak, the earphones automatically detect it and lowers the music volume, so you don’t have to shout loudly to the people when you hear the music and talk to them.

galaxy buds pro AI voice detection
Image Source : Samsung

The intelligent voice detection feature isn’t new tech. It is already available in the Sony 1000 XM4 wireless headphones. But in the earbuds category, Samsung has brought it first.

Does this feature work? Hell yeah! You know, when Samsung makes a feature work properly, it is really enjoyable to use. Intelligent voice detection is one such enjoyable feature that you can leave on most of the time.

360-Degree Audio

Samsung buds pro’s 360-degree audio feature is similar to Airpods Spatial audio feature. The caveat here is the 360-degree audio option only works with Samsung devices that have One UI 3.1, i.e., it can be enjoyed only with the Samsung S21 devices as of now, and you can use it on upcoming Samsung devices.

galxy buds pro 360 degree sound and dolby atmos
Image Source : Samsung

When your Samsung device supports 360-degree audio, and the content you watch has Dolby sound, the experience will be immersive. Is it better than the Airpods spatial audio feature? No, mainly because of the Airpods superior hand over the ANC, the spatial audio felt more immersive on the Airpods pro.

Call Quality

Another area where the Samsung galaxy buds pro saw a significant improvement over its predecessor is in the call quality.

Calls on previous Galaxy earbuds sound muffled; people on the other side won’t hear your voice properly. In the Buds Pro, Samsung designers have used the three mic system and voice pickup unit smartly to improve the call clarity.

three mic setup in galaxy buds pro
Image Source : Samsung

Samsung engineers have even gone way beyond to give us the wind-shield technology. What it does is smartly eliminates the wind noise and improves the call quality. The wind-shield concept in the buds pro not only includes software but also has hardware-level optimization. A small air chamber is placed near the outer mesh to detect the air; later, the AI smartly filters the wind noise. To be obvious, this concept does work.

Battery Life & Other Gimmicks

Samsung claims that the buds pro can last up to 5hrs with auto noise cancellation(ANC) on and 8hrs when the ANC is off. When compared to the competitors offering nearly 8+hrs listening time, the buds pro has fewer numbers.

I am saying the following features as gimmicks because you won’t use them too often, and you may not use some features at all.

Auto switch — this is something similar to the Airpods. If you are listening on your iPhone and open your MacBook, the AirPods connect seamlessly to the MacBook. For Apple users, this is a welcoming feature. Most Samsung mobile users won’t own other devices like Samsung laptops and Samsung tabs. Unless you are a Samsung lover and bought all your gadgets from Samsung, the Auto switch option will be just on the paper.

auto switch feature on galaxy buds pro
Image Source : Samsung

Control Ambient Noise — In the Galaxy Buds Plus, you can choose the ambient sound volume; the same is available in the Buds Pro as well. The only thing is it is slightly better than the Buds Plus. Up to medium level, the ambient noise mode works better. But, when you set up ambient mode settings to high, the artificial touch creeps in. In the ambient mode, I prefer Airpods Pro over the Galaxy Buds Pro.

3D surround — Yes, I’ve mentioned it as a good feature above in this article. But why I am saying it is a gimmick because it is available only from the One UI 3.1 and above devices (it will be S21 devices as of writing this post). For Apple users, the story is different. Even the old devices get the latest OS version. Samsung may provide updates for up to 3 years. So old Samsung phone users can not enjoy this feature.

Samsung Galaxy Live VS Galaxy Buds Pro

You may think, Why Galaxy Buds Live VS Buds Pro. The reason is Buds Pro, and the Buds Plus are pretty much the same; Even the app features are similar. The only difference is the case design, slightly better music quality, and good call quality. If you already own a Buds Plus, you don’t need to upgrade. The battery life on Buds Plus is better than the Buds Pro, so I am eliminating the Buds Plus and compare the buds live alone


Features Buds Pro Buds Live
Ambient noise three level adjustment only one level- low
Cary Case Similar Similar
Water resistant IPX 7 IPX 2
Battery life 5hrs with ANC on 6hrs with ANC on
Ambient mode better not that great
Active Noise Canceling Better you can leave it off, you won’t any difference

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