How To Create A Restaurant Website That Makes Business Deliciously Successful

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Restaurants always make us Bon appetite once we step into their doors. But how to create a restaurant website that makes the visitors feel your food?

Restaurant websites are not similar to other business sites. There are certain traits you must follow correctly to create a restaurant website. That’s what we are going to see in this post. Some leading food websites follow these characteristics.

As always before making a WordPress theme, we make a complete study. For Rodich restaurant WordPress theme after clearly following 100 food websites we noted the top successful traits to create a restaurant website.

These tips to create a restaurant website could help even first-timers to make a professional looking restaurant website.

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To Whom You’re Creating A Restaurant Website
Color Scheme For Restaurant Website
Make A Spicy About Us
Menus and Navigation
Important Functionalities In a Restaurant Website
High-Quality Images

To Whom You’re Creating A Restaurant Website

An intriguing pattern we found when we start our studies on successful restaurant websites. All the sites reflect the culture or style of their targeted audiences, the place their hotel is located and most importantly what their audiences like more in their restaurant.

By inheriting the style of the place, the culture of the people & the area, and garnishing it in your restaurant flavor. Let the website visitor feel and understand what they can expect from your restaurant once they stepped into your doors.

We have shared some exciting examples down; take a look.

Quay – Sydney, Australia

Quay is a top Luxury restaurant in Australia, located on the eastern shore of the Sydney Harbor, just opposite to the famed Opera House.

The place is where locals and tourists mingle at the open-air Rocks Markets, purchasing street food and handmade fashions. Most importantly famous for luxury restaurants that have a pleasant harbor view.

Now you might have an idea about what type of audience the Quay expects. Take a look at the website now.


Once the page loaded, Quay welcomes you with an excellent video to make you feel their food. The website clearly shows the class and uses the white color scheme to emphasize clean, simple, and luxury. I’ll talk about the color scheme later in this post which is a fundamental trait to create a restaurant website, so continue reading.

Marché Notre-Dame (Québec, Canada)

Quebec is the Canada’s most french speaking people living area, with stone building and narrow streets. Marché Notre-Dame restaurant is located in such area, so its style should reflect French design aesthetics and also should be minimal.

Now take a look at the website shown below.


Yes, they did the job correctly!! Minimal, unorganized freestyle layout with French artistic touch.

Royal Plate (New York, USA)

Royal Plate is well known for its bakery products. It also runs a restaurant; you can even book a table on their website. The most important thing we have to learn from this site is the use of images.


Yes, when you go to their website, you can see the food they displayed has at least one bakery product in it, in which they are profoundly well known.

Color Scheme For Restaurant Website

Ok, now we know the concept and style on which we have to create a restaurant website. The next most important thing is the color scheme of the restaurant website.

In our Design Trends 2017 guide, we have mentioned that cool gradients and bright attracting colors are getting trendy now. But to create a restaurant website, these are the most predominantly preferred colors.

Black – mystery, and power of creation. The trend for black never fades.

Brown – reliability, stability, and adherence to tradition. But this is becoming quite out fashioned now, but when you use it to the text or supportive elements, it gives a royal look.

White – freshness, purity, and freedom. Becoming very famous in the modern web designs. Even our VictoryThemes follows this.

Red – passion and secret desires. This color mostly suits for fast foods, especially non-veg related fast foods.

Among these colors, the most predominant colors at present are the White and the Black. The reason is both the colors enhances the presentation of the food images and the contents. Based on the restaurant type you working select the color scheme.

Make A Spicy About Us

About us is a standard page you can see in all websites. But when you are about to create a restaurant website, storytelling is essential in the about section. If you have a long history that’s a plus, tell a  compelling story to your visitors, so that they know more about your service.

For example, take a look at Tio Luchin. They are not like the ordinary restaurant they cook your food freshly in front of you at the place you want, mostly like a catering service, take a look at their about us.


Also, show some smiling human faces that make your restaurant great. I mean try to show your chef team, let the users not only enjoy the foods but also know the people making it. It’s more of a credibility factor to your restaurant website.

So now the visitor knows about you. Now let us introduce your kitchen and culinary specials. In our study, we found that mostly a visitor returns to a website is to see the new food or the best food on your menu. Presenting it in front of them readily makes the job lot simpler and more accessible for your visitors.


With Rodich restaurant WordPress theme we like to make it even better. There is a special section where users can get the details about special offers and foods.

The ultimate aim in restaurant website is the services, and the crucial task is to provide details beforehand to the visitors in few clicks. We have taken care of this well in the Rodich theme very seriously.

Important Functionalities In a Restaurant Website

Ok, visually we made a perfect restaurant website. Now we have to add the functionalities that a restaurant website must have.

At the mobile age, everything needs to happen on the go with the ease and grace. Adding the option to let the user reserve the table and order food. You can use the following WordPress plugin to help you in this.

Some of the restaurants provide food delivery services, especially fast foods. On our study, we found that even some of the top restaurants don’t have the option to track their delivery. For this, the customer has to make a call and confirm it. But there are food tracking plugins that can help you in this.

On our next post, I will share a list of useful restaurant plugins that will make your restaurant website butter as smooth to handle. Just like we helped you with event plugins. So stay tuned, if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, then please subscribe to get notified.

High-Quality Images

Inside your restaurant, you can mesmerize your customer with your food aroma, with a smiling face kind customer service and by displaying your foods. But inside your restaurant website, the only sense organ you have access to your customer is their eyes.

Place high-quality original images of your foods if possible make a video of your food preparation. Please try not to use stock images, because same photos are iterated many times on the internet. So try to make original pictures, if you are on a tight budget or you need to add images temporarily, you can use the following websites for high-quality food images for free.

Free Stock Food Image Sites

Ready To Create A Restaurant Website?

There are lot more factors to be considered when you need to create a restaurant website based on the type of restaurant. But these are the most common traits for any kind of restaurant website.

To start your restaurant website right with all the essential characteristics of a restaurant site, use Rodich Restaurant WordPress theme created by our master chefs.

*This post was originally published on VictorThemes.*

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