How to Make a Charity Website That Build Trust & Raise Funds

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The secret of happiness is helping others. Charity websites are the modern way to share what you have for the betterment of a community or environment. To make a promising charity website that builds trust among people there are some essential traits; that’s what we are going to see in this post, how to make a charity website that build trust and raise funds in record time.

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Your Mission
How Much You Involved With Your Service
Let People Know How Active You Are
Ask For Donation
Milestones You Reached
Raise Fund Through Reservations
Who Are The Sponsors
Collect Email Address

Your Mission

State a clear mission of your nonprofit organization, this should be the first segment in any charity websites. Make the first impression with the cause; why are serving, what you are doing, what viewers can expect from you or what you expect from them.

In this segment add supportive elements like image carousels or image/video that displays your work.

For example; take a look at the Wildlife Alliance, a tropical Asia forest preservation NGO organization. A clear-cut explanation of their mission and as a trust-building factor they have added an image carousel.


Show Visitors How Much You Involved With Your Service

In the data-centric content world, providing valuable stats and information about your service not only helps you to gain people’s trust but also helps you get more backlinks.

Every content on the internet needs an authentic source to support their point or idea. Your stats will help the people in your niche. Your charity websites will be taken to many users plus the writer also helped his readers with authentic content, it is a win-win for both of you.

For example, take a look at That’s Not Cool is a Nonprofit organization that raises awareness about problems and crises teenagers faces in the online world and also supports the troubled teenagers.


They made a clear stats page about various issues the teenage people facing now due to online harassments and mislead relationships via online.

Let People Know How Active You Are

Online presence and active in social media is a very crucial strategy that almost every organizations use to reach a number of their target audience in a single blow.

Making a charity website is the first step to make your online presence and being active is the most consistent thing you have to do to make the charity websites more lively. Let the people know what you are up to next, the upcoming social service events, fundraising events and much more.

For this case, you have to take a look at Worldwide Life(WWF). I personally like this site very much, they not only speak about themselves but also share the news that is related to their cause. They also made a small segment for their Tweets; it is very intuitive.


Apart from the news section they also encourage the visitors to join their fundraising event and also to support their cause by actively participating in the Action Center.

Ask For Donation

Asking for a donation is an obvious option when you make a charity website. The key lies where you place the donation request. For most charity websites the sweet spot is the top right corner, where you usually find Login option in other sites.

The other best spot is right below the campaign you are organizing. If you are adding your next fundraising event to the header carousel, you can add the donate button there itself.


The next prominent place is your stats page and your achievement page (I will talk about this next). On any charity websites, these two pages are the most visited pages by the visitors.

Milestones You Reached

So the people know who you are and your cause, they are also attracted by your activities. Now to increase your credibility in the matter of the funds, add a milestone page. State what you have accomplished with the money you received.

Pro Tip:

If you are a well-established charity group serving a community for several years, then publish a transparency report.

For example, take a look at the Givegreen nonprofit organization. They have clearly mentioned the fund raised till date and how much they have spent up to this time. As I said in the donation segment, they have also added a Donation option right below the report.


Best Donations Plugin

The donation plugin we have used in Groppe Charity WordPress theme is GiveWP. It has plenty of features, apart from just collecting donation you also have the option to manage the donor options.

It is a free WordPress donation plugin, but the addons are premium. The intuitively designed addons reduce your work and improve your workflow efficiently.

In our next post, we will be mentioning the best Donation plugins you can use in the charity website in detail. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, please sign up to stay updated.

Raise Fund Through Reservations

Some charity and nonprofit organizations can raise funds through regular shows rather than through events. This method best suits for animal and forest preservation nonprofit organizations.

For example, take a look at the Monterey Bay Aquarium they conduct the show with the marine creatures they preserve, they also provide dining facility. This is a charity website plus an event website,


Let the new visitors know about the proud funders behind your organization. You can either make a dedicated page for the sponsors on your charity website or mention on the home page.

For example; take a look at Recode, a nonprofit organization for helping the students to learn advanced programming. They made an honorable mention of their sponsors as soon a visitor land on their page.


Collect Email Address

Email marketing and the social media marketing, are a must-have online strategy to get new visitors and also to sustain the old readers. So next time when you arrange for a social event, you can gather more volunteers quickly, and also won’t miss potential sponsors and donors to invite.

Since we are about to make a charity website, we must not force the user to signup. Let the visitors know your effort entirely, the cause we strive for and then let them signup to your site. The lifetime of such leads is longer than the customers collected through pop-ups and gated contents.

The best place for Email Subscription or for becoming a volunteer option is the footer or the section just above the footer.


Let Your Cause Reach The Correct Audience

These are the traits that you usually have to look after when you make a charity website. You can start from the scratch to make a charity website, or you can use our Groppe Nonprofit & Charity WordPress Theme. *This post was originally published on VictorThemes.*

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