How To Perfectly Make A Blog Website – Expert Only Known Facts
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You may find lots of posts to help you write a better post and how to grow your traffic. But there are some design aesthetics you must follow when you create your own blog. The design of the blog solely depends on your needs.

With the experience of powering 1300+ WordPress blogs with our theme and by analyzing top blogs, we are going to share tips on how to make a blog.

Table of Contents

Choosing Blog Design
– Common style
– Creative style
– Personal Branding style
Custom Theme Factors
Important Things To Consider

Choose The Design

As said in the intro, the design of the blog solely depends on your needs. Before diving into what blog design for whom, we can see the types of blog design.

  • Common style
  • Creative style
  • Personal Branding style

If you are a beginner, you might not be sure about your goal. So beginners try to follow the common blog design.

Creative style best suits for professional bloggers and the content writers who like to maintain an online portfolio.

Personal branding blog website style is for the well-established writers. If you already have a reasonable amount of audience for your blog and you, this template helps you to boost your personal image.

Common Style Blogs

Common style blogs give more emphasis to the content of the blog. The second hierarchy comes to the sharing and subscribing. The author comes the last in the hierarchical chain of precedence.


Common style blogs follow common design layouts. No matter which theme you choose the web elements you see on all the themes will be similar. Only the colors and other visual effects vary from each other. The reason is these themes only focus on the general requirements of the bloggers.

For example, take a look at the Ailsa blog theme. It is a simple and elegant web design.


You get the featured image section, the first emphasis on the content, sticky navigation bar and below each content, you get sharing option.

The right sidebar with about section, ad banner, recent post and your social media links. Typical blog design that suits every blogger need.

Creative Style

In creative style layout, there is no hierarchical order. The only importance given here is the content. Of course on the single page, you can add the elements you want. In the creative style blog design the tradition header navigation bar is replaced by the side navigation bar.


This design suits when you already have a handful of audience and they already know what they can expect from your blog. You might probably miss a sidebar in the creative design. In the blog, the sidebars give you extra real estate, which you can rent a space for advertisers.

For example, take a look at the Seil blog theme with creative design layout


The Seil them

e follows a masonry style design layout. The template is clean and every reader will love it. Distraction free content, people can share and like the post from the home page itself.

When you make a blog website for personal use or for any agency this template fits your need. If you are about to make a blog website for commercial use and expect to generate income from the blog, better skip this. Or else you can do minor tweaks to fit your needs.

Personal Branding Style

The personal branding style blog design is typical of the creative design, but here the preference is given to you. As soon as the users land on your website, the first thing they will be noticing is about you. To help your audience easily identify that they are at the right website.


When to make a blog website in this style? The answer relies on you, but most general options will be;

  1. For authors and writers who have a reasonable audience. Mostly an influencer kind of person in a domain.
  2. For portfolio and professionals. You cannot always list your top article in a resume or a mail. You can simply send the link to your site, rest will be taken care by your site.

For example, take a look at the Signy WordPress blog theme


Here in this blog theme user-friendly navigations, design aesthetics all comes second. What matters a lot while you make a blog website with this theme is YOU. The person or the brand lies to the nucleus of the theme design.

Custom Theme To Make a Blog Website

If you like to be unique and have special needs, you can have a custom theme to create your own blog. You may like the creative theme, but you may intend to add advertisement and banners to the homepage along with other contents.

You can get customization service to tweak an existing theme. At VictorThemes we provide theme customization support for any themes, to make the theme fit your needs.

If you didn’t find any of the WordPress themes meet your special needs, hire professionals to create custom theme. Following are the best blogs in the industry that can help you get an idea.

Hubspot Blog

Hubspot Blog almost follows the creative design layout but customized it to their needs.


The design layout is creative. Yet they give their popular articles, editor’s choice, subscription form and even room for downloadable contents to collect leads. A well-thought design that can collect leads and also have a new design.

CoSchedule Blog

CoSchedule blog is a social media marketing and content marketing blog. They didn’t try to do more new things, they stick to the traditional elements. But they have used the elements perfectly at the required place.


Since this website is actually selling social media marketing tool, the sole purpose of the blog is to collect leads. It has the right side widget bar to collect one’s email address. One thing that is to be learned from this blog is Branding. They consistently followed their brand color in every element on the website.

Moz Blog

Moz blog is an SEO blog. The user experience and the search engine friendly factors are given more importance. Contents are given first preference, collecting leads and sharing are only given secondary preference in this design.


MOZ has a strong community, so it has provided comment and like options with the count on the homepage itself. Overall simple, clean and minimalistic web design that every reader love.

Important Things To Consider

Now you may have an idea which type of design you need to choose to create a website. Whatever be the blog design you choose to create your own blog, make sure the theme you choose has the following necessary features.

1. Side Bars

On a general style blog, sidebars are necessary.This helps you to place more promotional and lead capturing elements easily out of the main content. Make sure you have added elements like

  • About widget
  • Social media follow links
  • Subscribe options
  • Give a space for placing the ad, it may come handy in future

2. Search

The search option is a preliminary requirement in any type of blog design you choose to make a blog website. It is user-friendly and also helps to increase the dwell time of your site.

3. Fonts

Since content is the center of a blog when you make a blog website always choose clearly legible fonts. The fonts must be clean and also easy to read on any device.

4. Background Color

I always prefer white color as the background. Because it keeps the texts and other images on the blog clean and easy to read. It also provides me full freedom on the usage of colors in the blog post images. If you are intended to use a color background, make sure the text color is visible in the background.

5. Author Bio

Always maintain an author bio section below each post. It is not only a moral element, according to Google now author bio is one of the must factor in its website ranking system

How You Gonna Make a Blog Website Now?

These are the design factors you need to note while you make a blog website. Be it free or premium theme, no matter what theme you choose. Always select a user-friendly and reader-friendly theme.

What is the most important thing you expect in a blog? Let us know in the comment section below. *This post was originally published on VictorThemes.*

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